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Our Menu


(Cottage cheese marinated W/Onion, Bellpepper, Tomato Cooked in Clay Oven)
Boneless Chunk of Chicken Marinated in Indian Herbs & Broiled in Clay Oven.
Chicken marinated overnight in fresh Aromatic Indian Spices & Herbs Cooked in Clay Oven
(Minced Lamb Meat cooked in Clay oven.)
(Minced Chicken Meat Cooked in Clay Oven.)
Tilapia Fish Marinated in Indian Spices and Herbs, cooked in Clay Oven
(Chef Specials, Mixed assortment including Chicken, Fish and Lamb Kababs.)


(White Flour Flat Dough Baked in Clay Oven.)
(Naan topped with Garlic and Butter.)
(Naan garnished with Garlic and Rosemary Herbs.)
(Naan Stuffed with Onions Tandoori Roti Wheat Bread cooked in Clay Oven)
(Fleck Layered Whole Wheat Bread)
(Stuffed Naan with Nuts and Raisins)
(Roti, Naan, Garlic Naan, Onion Kulcha)
Stuffed Naan with Tandoori Chicken Pieces
Whole Wheat Bread
Naan Stuffed with Indian Cottage Cheese
Naan Stuffed with Jalapenos


Rice Pudding
Patties of Fresh Homemade Cheese in Sweetened Milk
Sweet Cheese balls served in flavored Sweet Syrup
Indian shredded carrot cake


Tender pieces of Fish/Shrimp Cooked with Bell Pepper, Onion
Shrimp/Fish cooked in Onion & Tomato based sauce
Shrimp cooked in Tomato base sauce, flavored by Vinegar, Grounded Red Chili paste and Tomatoes
Shrimp Cooked W/ Onion, Bell Pepper Creamy Sauce
Fish Kadai
Tender pieces of Fish Cooked with Bell Pepper, Onion
Fish Curry
Fish cooked in Onion & Tomato based sauce


2 Veg samosa chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Curry, Saag Paneer, Navratan korma, Rice, naan, Raita & kheer
2 Veg Samosa, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Curry Saag Paneer, Navratan korma , Rice, Naan, Raita& Kheer


Chicken cooked in a Tomato & Onion curry Sauce
Grilled Chicken cubes cooked in a Tomato and Onion based Creamy Sauce
Shredded Grilled Chicken Cooked in Tomato Buttery Sauce.
Onion Poppy Seed & Cashew Based Creamy Sauce
Chicken Cooked in Spinach Base Creamy Sauce
Chicken Cooked with Curry and Lots of Diced Onion
Chicken Cooked with Curry and Whole Spice Blended together W/ Onions & Bell pepper
Rich chili, Vinegar, Blended Portuguese Sauce with Potato
Chicken Cooked in Cilantro Base Green Sauce
Chicken Cooked in South Indian Style
Chicken Cooked in Sour Tangy sauce with sliced onion and Bell Peppers
Coconut, Mustard Seeds, Curry Leaves with Flavored South Indian Sauce


Goat Curry
Tender pieces of Goat (With Bones) Cooked in an Authentic Indian Curry
Kadai Goat
Tender Pieces of Goat, Bell Pepper, Onion tossed with Herbs and Spices cooked.
Goat Saag
Goat Cooked in Spinach Sauce
Very Famous Dish From Kashmir
Goat Marinated in Vinegar and Spices with Potatoes cooked on a Low Heat


Lamb cooked in spinach based creamy sause
Lamb Curry
Lamb Cooked in Tomato & Onion based Sauce
Lamb Korma
Lamb Cooked in Spinach base Creamy Sauce
Lamb marinated in Vinegar and Spices with Potatoes cooked on a Low Heat
Lamb Kadai
Pieces of Lamb, Bell Pepper, Onion Tossed with Herbs and Spices cooked in Kadai
Lamb Madras
Lamb Cooked in South Indian Style
Very Famous Dish from Kashmir
Lamb in a Tomato and Onion Based Creamy Sauce


Onion, Tomato based curry sauce sauteed with Onions and Bell Pepper
Saag Paneer
Spinach with cubes of Indian Cheese
Peas with cubes of Indian Cheese
Indian Cheese cubes cooked in Clay oven & finished with Tomato sauce.
Paneer cooked in rich Buttery Tomato Base Creamy Sauce
Vegetables Blended in a Nutty Creamy Sauce
Garbanzo Beans cooked in North Indian style
Malai Kofta
Cottage cheese & Potato Balls cooked in a nutty creamy curry sauce
Okra sauteed with Onions, Tomatoes, Ginger Garlic paste with Indian Spices.
Chargrilled Eggplant cooked with combination of Onions, Tomatoes and Green Peas
Alu Gobhi
Cauliflower & Potatoes cooked with Ginger and Tomatoes
Dal Tarka
Combination of Different Yellow Lentils cooked with Ginger and Garlic
Dal Makhani
Indian Black Lentils cooked with Butter Base.
Onion, Tomato based curry sauce sautéed with Onions and Bell Pepper and Cheese Cubes
Saag Alu
Spinach with cubes of Indian Cheese
Bombay Alu
Potatoes spiced with Blend of Turmeric, Cumin seeds, Mustard Seeds.
Alu Achari
Potatoes Dish using Pickling Sauce
Bombay Style Mushroom in a Rich Spiced Sauce
Saag Chana
Spinach with cubes of Indian Cheese